If there was a “festival of free time” in your neighbourhood, what would you like to learn there – and what could you teach others? If you wanted to finally learn how to cycle, why would you do it at night? And what happens when you bring together activists and local residents in one wooden village?

On the Beyond Learning podcast, we talk to people who are not only trying to imagine a more sustainable world, but are also putting their ideas into practice. In each episode, we meet with adult learners, educators and community organisers to find out how they try out big ideas on a small scale. We join them in different places in Europe to visit urban gardens, participate in community festivals, and witness art projects in the making. We ask them why learning should be at the heart of a greener future, and how it has already shaped their lives and communities.

This e-learning course will invite you to explore the case studies discussed in the podcast in more detail. It will also include additional resources on the topics covered in the podcast, such as citizen engagement in science or outdoor learning.