Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Click on any of the questions to expand and show its answer. If you can't find the answer you need please don't hesitate to contact support@learningpool.com.

I'm a first time user, how do I log in?

If you are a first time user

  • Type in your username, this is normally your email address.
  • You should have received a password via email from Learning and Development. (If not please use the default password of welcome).
  • Once you have logged in for the first time, you will immediately be asked to change your password to something more memorable.
I haven't received a password

If you have not received a first time log in password, please contact support@learningpool.com, who will issue you with one.

What is e-learning?

e-Learning is the name given training to courses that are accessed electronically. The courses are typically delivered from a website which you login to. Because the website is accessed via the Internet it can be accessed at any time.

The e-Learning courses are not intended to replace the existing classroom training you receive, but enhance the opportunities available to you. There may be times when you need to quickly refresh your memory about a topic or only have a couple of queries which do not require you to attend a full training session or there may be mandatory courses you are required to complete within a set time frame.

What is the DLE?

The DLE is designed to provide you with access to a range of on-line courses, legal updates, development tools and techniques. These will assist in supporting face-to-face training events and give you instant access to a range of e-Learning opportunities.

Do I need my Managers permission before starting a course?

Yes, you should inform your manager that you intend to do a course and block out time in your diary to do so. Where possible, book a room (with PC access!).

How should I go about choosing a course?

Usually you should discuss the courses that will most benefit your personal development and those that meet your performance management objectives with your line manager. Some courses are designed as quick refreshers or as a point of reference. You may wish to browse through the courses on offer by going to the Course Categories Block and clicking on the All Categories link at the bottom.

Do I need to do any preparation before starting a course?

Before starting any course you should make sure you have a clear space in your diary and you will not be disturbed. You should also check the course length and ensure you have adequate time available.

To access the courses in the DLE, you will need to enable pop ups. If you have not already done this, go to the Browser menu bar and click Tools. Scroll down to Pop-up Blocker and select Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

How do I access a course?

Once you have logged in, go to the Course Categories box on the top left hand side of My Homepage. If you know the category of the course you require, click on the link. If not, click on All Categories. Click on the course title of the course you require which will then take you to the specificCourse content and evaluation page.

What is the Course Homepage?

The Course Homepage provides you with all the information relevant to that course. A course will include a number of modules, typically; a piece of e-learning, a resources section, a quiz and an Evaluation Form. You can work through these modules in any order.

To ensure you are registered as having completed a course, you must complete the piece of e-learning and any other modules within the course.

What if I want to stop working through a course and return to it later?

The benefit of the DLE is that you can revisit a course as many times as you like in order to complete it. However, we recommend most courses should be completed in two sessions.

To exit a course at any time, click on Menu, located in the bottom left corner of every page, which will take you back to the course contents. Click on Exit, to leave the course and return to the Course Homepage. Your course progress will be saved and will be available the next time you log in.

How do I know if I have completed a section of a course?

As you work through the different sections of the course you will be able to see from the Menu page the sections you have completed, the sections half-completed and those still to do. See the image below.

Course completion icon

How can I find out if I have any incomplete courses?

The My Courses box is available on the left hand side once you have logged in. By clicking on My Complete Courses, you will see a list of courses you have completed. By clicking on My Incomplete Courses, you will see a list of courses that are still incomplete.

Once a month the DLE will send you an email notifying you of any courses that are still Incomplete.

Will anyone else see any quizzes or tests that I have completed?

No. Where there is a requirement for you to complete a quiz or test, the result cannnot be accessed by others. However, a management report may be produced at a later date to identify test results.

What happens if I fail a course?

Should you not achieve the required score for a test or quiz, you will asked to repeat it automatically.

Can I print a course out?

We recommend that you don't print out courses, as this can only be done on a page by page basis. All courses are available to return to at any time by logging in with your username and password.

What is the purpose of the Evaluation Form?

The Evaluation Form is an important part of providing us with your feedback, both on using the DLE as well as course content. Please spend some time completing the form, your feedback is valued and will help us to improve future courses.

The Evaluation Form is always the final module of a course, on the Course Homepage.

Can I access the DLE from home?

Yes, the DLE can be accessed from home. However, you should always agree with your Line Manager which courses and when/how they should be completed.

Why does the e-learning module not fit my screen?

If you are using a lower resolution screen display or a larger font, you may find the e-learning course does not fit onto your page. In which case, be aware that on some pages you may have to scroll up and down to ensure you see all the information. You may also change your screen resolution for the purposes of completing the e-learning module. Contact your IT help desk who will assist you with this.