Introduction & Enrolment
AE Pro - Phase 2

This session is for everyone taking part in the Phase 2 AE Pro Training.

You need to enrol in this session if you are going to complete any others.

European Policies
AE Pro - Phase 2

The first part of this course focuses on adult education on the European level. These are some of the questions the course will bring elements of answer to: 

  • What are the policies the European Union has for adult education? 
  • How can we learn about best practises from other European countries? 
  • What are the tools available on the European level to create a European adult education community? 

Citizenship, democracy and participation
AE Pro - Phase 2

Being an active citizen depends not only of will or willingness to participate but also a whole range of social, cultural, economic and political attitudes that condition. Making participation a vehicle that leads citizens to the processes of social inclusion implies, first, that in all dimensions there are favorable conditions for the recovery of attitude of active citizenship is born, develops and translates into participatory and inclusive work practices .

Life skills for individuals
AE Pro - Phase 2
Adult education can provide a number of skills and learning experiences that have a number of benefits and purposes: from basic skills to language learning, from leisure courses to vocational training, from family learning to health provision, adult education can provide a number of ways that will support individuals throughout their careers and lives. 
Employment and digitalisation
AE Pro - Phase 2

Today’s employees need basic skills (maths and language literacy) but they also need skills around technologies.  In addition to all this they need skills to prepare them for the workplace- whether its seeking or keeping work.

In terms of the latter, learners often want to improve their skills when at work and employers recognise that learning is an important part of boosting productivity.  For that reason many workplaces now include learning or attract employees via vocational adult learning.

Migration and demographic changes
AE Pro - Phase 2

Everyone has heard the numbers: thousands of migrants and refugees are risking everything to get to Europe every day. Nearly a million people claimed asylum in the European Union within the last year alone. This topic is covered in two sessions "Teaching the masses - Rising to a challenge" - Second language acquisition and Intercultural Dialogue: "We Need to talk - Integration beyond language skills"

Social cohesion, equity and equality
AE Pro - Phase 2

Educational levels have a huge impact on people’s opportunities in life. This ranges from the kind of jobs they can attain to life expectancy. The positive effects of education tend to be reproduced by the fact that those with higher educational levels tend to continue to learn and be given more opportunities to continue learning than those with lower levels. Adult education can compensate a lack of education in earlier life and enables social mobility.

AE Pro - Phase 2

From environmentally friendly consumption and transport to energy efficiency, European citizens need a lot of information and innovative spaces to develop new lifestyles, new projects, new approaches. Adult education can help provide the information, the debate spaces and the creativity.

In this theme we look at the state of the planet, discover the newly adopted Sustainability Development Goals and reflect on tools and practices to use as pedagogues.